Building Mathematical Comprehension - Chapter #2

Hi favorite friends!  I am happy to be back this week again to talk about Guided Math and specifically  building mathematical comprehension - vocabulary!  With only 2 half days left I feel like I can breathe!  The light is coming and I can make it!!

This week's topic was vocabulary which is a good one for me.  Last year, I took an intensive ELL class which focused on vocabulary skills for English Language Learners.  What I learned was that good teaching for your ELL's also looks like good teaching for all your students!

We all know that teaching vocabulary is a necessary thing to do.  We also know that in the past vocabulary instruction was more than BORING!  There are ways to bring it to life and make it interesting and meaningful!

Some ideas brought up in this chapter were:
-  word walls

Here is a blurry pic of mine - Find it HERE as a freebie from Lovely Little Leaders

-  graphic organizers

-  matrixes

-  vocabulary charades

-  Make My Day (example:  give kids cards with addition or subtraction problems and the teacher will call out "If you have a sum of 10 make my day  - kids with a card that has a sum of 10 step forward.)

-  I Have...Who Has...?  Find this one HERE - free!!

-  Math Hunt (scavenger Hunt for math terms/concepts in books/magazines or allow kids to create collages or diagrams)

-  Talk A Mile A Minute (kids are in teams and one student on a team is the "talker" who tries to get kids to say a specific word by describing the word as quickly as he/she can)

Thanks for reading along with me this week!  I am excited to continue this journey into next week - chapter 3!  Until then read and comment on what some of my super sweet bloggy friends have to say about math vocabulary!


  1. Thanks for hosting! I also was excited to hear that ELL teaching strategies are also great for teaching math vocabulary. I never thought about it that way before, but it makes so much sense!

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  2. I really hope some people share their word walls! I need more visual help. :) This was a great chapter!

  3. Graphic organizer charts are a common name given to charts that can illustrate facts, concept, and ideas in a way that can be understood visually. Graphic organizers can also be used to help kids break down math problems into smaller steps. Each printable Math Graphic Organizer Template comes with at least one filled-in example.