Five For Friday

I haven't linked up with Doodle Bugs in SO long - I have been overwhelmed (mostly with good things) and as you probably realized blogging took a backseat!

Well, this week has been my comeback week and I want to end it with one of my favorite linkys!

Here is a peek at my week in review...

What A Plant Needs Craft

Thanks to one of my favorite sellers, Cupcake For A Teacher, I found this cute little craft to accompany my what a plant needs lesson.  Find the pack HERE!

I also made this anchor chart to help kids remember all of the things a plant needs - notice how it's not laminated???  EEK the laminator broke!  End of year anxiety for sure!!

This Year Was A Wild Ride....

Last year, I found this super duper CUTE craftivity from Kelley Dolling (Teacher Idea Factory).  It has a few different options, but I loved this one.  The kids can write about the year - good, bad, crazy, wild, etc and then turn their writing into a roller coaster ride.  I place these on lockers to share with the school, but also with families when we have our Success Morning celebration in 2 weeks!!

Fraction Creatures

We have been learning a lot about fractions (whole, half, thirds, and fourths) and I have been as creative as I can with how they have practiced what I taught.  I have made fraction creatures in the past, but cutting all of that paper was certainly a HGUE task.  So this year I took to AMAZON and found these stickers.  
I gave kids some black paper and allowed them to choose 20 stickers total (10 of one color and 10 of another, or 4/4/4/4/4 or 5/5/5/5).

Here are a couple examples of what they made!

We have our last phonics assessment today, so yesterday I used this game to help kids remember the rules of adding -ed and -ing.

Find it as part of an insect math and literacy center pack from Made for 1st Grade!

 Finally, we have been working on a people who made a difference unit on and off all school year!  We are working to create an AWESOME culminating activity that connects art, technology, social studies, reading, and writing!  

We use the app Morfo - which brings their portraits to life!

I wrote a LONG post about it last year.  Find it HERE.

Check out some of their portraits!

Thanks for reading along with me and my trip through the week.  Let me know what you think!!

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