Learn Like A Pirate - Chapter #3 - Peer Collaboration

Welcome back!  Have you been loving reading this book??  Just today I was laminating in the teacher's room and I was listening to some teachers talk about how they want to take some of the competitiveness out of the classroom and I jumped in saying they have to read this book!  They all added it to their summer reading lists!!

This week we read Chapter 3 - Peer Collaboration and whether you have a student-led classroom or not there are some AMAZING ideas to get kids working together (without you tearing your hair out dealing with management and behavior issues)!!

There were TONS of ideas in this jam packed chapter, but here are three of the ones that spoke to me!

Passive Leadership
Teaching kids that it is ok to be a passive leader sometimes and let others be more active - not everyone can be an active leader all of the time.  Teaching kids to choose the time to be each.

Conflict Management
How often to small squabbles interrupt your teaching?  I know with 5 days left it is more and more common!  Paul suggests three strategies to teach kids to use when managing conflict.
-  Rock-Paper-Scissors - How easy is this one!!!! 
-  Compromise - Take ideas from each other and make a plan
-  Choose Kind - Do what the other one wants to do because it's also a good idea.

Marble Theory
I would need to modify this concept a bit for my littles, but I love the idea of sharing that we are all intelligent, just intelligent in different ways.  A great way to begin a conversation about multiple intelligences!

Thanks for joining in for week 3!  Please come back next Thursday and learn with us all about improvement focus vs. grade focus - sure to be an interesting discussion!

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  1. I love the idea about passive leadership! I think it gives some validation to a group of kiddos who are great role models but don't necessarily take charge. I was thinking about the Marble Theory for my firsties, too...certainly something that could be meaningful for students of any age!