Five For Friday - Almost Summer Vacation!!

Happy Friday Friends!

I am super excited to be able to link up again with Doodle Bugs Teaching and share some of my week!

We are down to 8 days left - I can make it.  I can make it...right??

This week's Five For Friday is mostly school, but my little lady had some BIG moments too, so I HAD to share!!

Symmetry T-shirts

Every year we make these cool T-shirts!  Every year I question why I spend so much time on them, but every year the kids' smiles make me forget the hard work!

We explore symmetry in math and at the end of the series of lessons kids get to create a symmetrical design using pattern blocks.  They record this design with pattern block stickers. 

Then we sign out the laptops and using THIS site kids put their designs on the computer (use Google Chrome if you want this work!).  Teachers take a screen shot just of their image and we import it into a word document.  

We print these onto iron on paper and iron them onto T-shirts and VOILA!
This is what you get!!

Addison's Big Show!

Addison LOVES gymnastics!  Her big show was this past weekend and I had to share!

Reading Rainbow Book Reviews

Anyone else teaching book review writing as a part of their opinion unit?

We did and I of course remembered my childhood with Reading Rainbow and the book reviews that always aired at the end.  I found a few on YouTube and of course the kids thought they were hysterical and dated!

The kids have been "fighting the white" on their covers and revising/coping over all week and are just about ready to hold up their book and record their video!

We are finishing up the year and focusing on adding and subtracting 10's.  We have practiced the skill in isolation, but I wanted to try number grid puzzles and these Monster themed ones were too cute to pass up!!

They loved them and were able to use them again and again!

Sweet friends - you are amazing!  My birthday is next week (Tuesday) and in celebration, I have some goodies for you!!!

Order of events:

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