Building Mathematical Comprehension - Chapter #3

Happy Tuesday!

So...this week has been eventful.  I'm out of school - thank goodness and my Long Term Sub found another more permanent job (I am SO SO SO happy for her - she deserves it without a doubt, but I can still have a pity party for myself right??)  Now I am back to interviewing for someone to start the year for me and I am busy making a SUPER SUB BINDER for whomever this lucky person is!

At least this week's chapter is one of my favorites - making connections.  Who doesn't like to make connections (sometimes I need to tell myself not everyone needs to know my connections to every little thing!!)???  Before reading Guided Math last summer though, I never really thought much about making connections in math.  

As in reading there are 3 different types of connections to be made...

Math-To-Self -  connections between life experiences and mathematics (students developing number sense connect their age (5) to the number of fingers on one hand)

Math-To-Math - connections between their present learning and past learning (Last year we made arrays to think about multiplication, but this year we are learning X about multiplication).

Math-To-World - connections between math and the outside world (using current events will help students to make these connections)

Check out these posters - free from my friend at Splish Splash Mrs. Lander's Class!!

Now, how can we teach these??

Sentence Stems 
-  I remember that...
-  This is just like when...
-  I know that...
-  That reminds me of...
-  That is similar to...

Math Stretches

I LOVE these - Check out my math stretches pack for the whole year HERE!

Think Alouds
Think about how you would do this in reading and try the same strategies in math - demonstrate the strategy, name the strategy, and clearly describe the strategy to the students.  

Use Children's Literature
One of my teacher goals for next year is to add more read alouds to my math lessons - It took a lot of extra time and planning to get Guided Math off and running last year and one thing I wish I did more of was to read and talk about math as I am teaching the concepts.  Pinterest is a great resources for this!

I hope you were able to make some connections about connections!  Keep reading to find out what some of my sweet friends had to say about math connections.  And don't forget to come back next week when we talk about asking questions!

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