Reflect and Refresh Part #1

One of my goals for this next year was to work more collaboratively with the teacher friends that I have made through TPT - things always seem to get in the way - life gets busy!  But I seriously LOVE these ladies (and gents too!).  We are taking some time to reflect on this past school year - what was good, not so good, what needs to change, and what we LOVED!

We each filled out this cutesy organizer to help us think about what we need to be working on this summer!

As far as communication, I think I give a lot to families - but of course you can always do more.  Its a balance and I am not sure what else should be added in to this mix!

Organization - my book area starts off so neat and clean and then by the end of the year its always a mess - I hope to do some blog searching to find a way to help!  I also want to use a class management system for behavior that won't take away from time on learning, but will be fun!  I DO NOT want to go the clip chart route, so again I have some research to do!

Content - If you follow me regularly you know that I lOVE Guided Math and that it changed the way I teach math this year!  FOR THE BETTER!!  Of course after only one year - I have TONS more to learn!  I hope to keep reading and learning all summer!

MY BIG SUMMER PROJECT!  So most of you know I have 11 weeks until baby boy TJ arrives!!  That will be a big focus of the summer!  Otherwise, I really hope to save some time to be updating my products - covers, content, and previews!!

Check out what some other amazing teachers have to say - you know we aren't shy!!


  1. What is your "Tell me more about" about? I agree with the guided reading thing, I always go over my allowed time with each group and don't feel efficient. Congrats on the baby!

    Terrific Teaching and Learning

  2. I'm with you on the guided reading and math thing. That's why I'm excited to collaborate more with gen ed teachers this year so I'm not pulling everything myself!

    Thanks for linking up and congrats on the baby!