Two for Tuesday

Hi again!

I know that this linky party has been closed for a bit, but I love the idea from The Teacher Tribune, so I hope no one minds! 

I have chosen two of my products to highlight for the day and I placed them at 50% off for today only!

First I have added my Getting To Know You All Year Long Pack to help get you ready for next year!  It's only $1.50 for today!

Next, I also added my Vowel Teams MEGA Bundle -Regular price $13.  Today it is yours for only $6.50!!  This pack includes 3 games for each set of vowel teams (ay/ai, ee/ea, oi/oy, ow/ow, oo/ou, ue/ew, aw/au).  


  1. Abbey,

    Hi ! When you get a moment, can you change your Vowel Teams Mega Bundle to half price ? I just looked at it on TpT and it is $13.00. Thanks ! :)