Soccer party - Monday made it!

This week's Monday Made It will be short and sweet and mostly in picture form. This weekend took everything out of me (and I have three days left in school!)

Between this amazing soccer party and a crazy fun wedding this preggo is in need of a BIG nap!

However, I promised some pics from the party set up, so I will oblige ;)

Happy party planning!!


  1. Cute! It looks like that the party will be one that will be remembered forever! You are super woman to have accomplished all of that with your busy life right now! The end of the year is near- I hope you enjoy it with your students!

  2. I love the soccer themed party decorations. The cake is awesome! Enjoy your final days with your students!

    Fit to be Fourth

  3. Abbey,
    Your party decorations are so cute! I love your soccer ball cake!! I loved your 4th of July wreath so much that I attempted one of my own this week. It was super easy and inexpensive to make. Thanks for the idea!! I posted it on this week's MMI if you want to head over and take a peek. :)
    Storybook Endings in Second

    1. Love your wreath - Glad you liked the idea and could use it! I'm your newest follower too!! :)

  4. What an adorable party theme! You did a great job :)