Building Mathematical Comprehension - Chapter #7

Hi Lovely Friends!

I cannot even believe that it is A. Almost August and B. time for chapter 7 in our book chat!  Time is a flying!!

This week we are here talking about determining importance in math.  This is a skill all kids need to learn early!  This will only help them as they get older.  This chapter told of college age kids using a highlighter and highlighting everything!! LOL!  

Readers need to learn how to determine importance at the word level, sentence level and at the idea level (what is the BIG idea??).  This of course comes with scaffolding and support from teachers like us!!

Some ideas to try with your students:

-  Overviewing - Skimming the text before reading to locate important words, stenches, and ideas.  This gives students an idea about what they are going to be reading and what they need to be paying close attention to.

-  Highlighting - too much highlighting of course is not a good thing - but in moderation can help locate key ideas.  One suggestion for short passages is to make notes on a sticky about why the chunk was highlighted!

-  Read A Little, Think A Little -  Students can use naturally occurring breaks in the passage (Sentence or paragraph) to pause and think about what they just read and what was the important just of what I just read.  

These were just a few of the great ideas presented in the chapter.  Read on to find out what some other folks had to say!

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  1. I also laughed during the part about highlight everything in the text instead of just the important things. That was SO me!!! Great chapter! I'm really finding this book study helpful. Thanks for hosting!