Dear Future Teacher...Organization

Hi Again New Teachers!

This week we are talking about organization.  I will tell you something - I am known for being pretty well organized - I even get complimented on it regularly.  However, when I joined the world of Teacher Bloggers and TPT'ers I knew that I had a ton to learn!

Today I will share with you a few tricks I have learned that have helped me!

First thing - and don't say I'm crazy - PLEASE!

But I plan out the week over the weekend - "so do I" you say?  I actually plan for the following week (So on a Sunday I am already planned and prepped for the week starting on Monday, but I type my plans for the following Monday that day).  Then on Monday I print out the following Monday's plans and I copy, print, laminate, and cut what I need for that day.  This allows me time if I need to request or order a book from the library or find materials I don't always keep on hand.  I follow the same procedure for each day of the week - It cuts down on all of the things I usually have to take home on a Friday!

These are some bins I bought at Lakeshore a few years ago.  I keep everything I need in these until the day before.  Then I take everything out and make sure that everything is where it needs to be. 

 Another trick I have learned, is that I never (or as close to never as I can) leave school without being ready for the next school day.  This way no matter whether I over sleep (God forbid!!), or get stuck in traffic, or the plague sets in everything is out where I need it to be and that makes for easier sub planning.  

One final tip- teach the kids the routines at the beginning of the year.  Seriously as simple as how you expect them to use a pencil (where does it live?, what happens if one breaks?,  what about if it needs to be sharpened?).  Spending time on what we may thing of as BORING saves you so much time in the end!

Good luck setting up your room and stop back next week when we share some more about behavior management!

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