Currently...January and a SNOW DAY!!

The weather outside is a MESS!  We got LOADS of snow overnight and as a treat we get a day off!  Loving that I only had to go back for one day and now I get a L-O-N-G weekend!  I thought I would pop by today and Link Up with Farley in Oh Boy Fourth Grade and share what I am up to currently.  

Most of the above are self- explanatory.  The Little Lady's party at a gymnastics place is tomorrow and I have TONS to do and the HUBS has been at work for over 24 hours with no end in sight, so I better get going...

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  1. A birthday party at a gymnastics place sounds like so much fun. My nieces had those when they were little and we had a blast!

    Yeah for a snow day!

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

  2. I am heading into my FOURTH snow day this week, and am starting to wonder if my students will recognize me or remember my name when we finally return to school! We've been off now since Dec. 20th! I am getting lots done for the FB Free-For-All though! It is also my first and I am excited to participate and feel privileged!