WHAT?? Today's not Friday??? Say it Ain't So!

I spent the whole day today thinking that it was Friday – WHAT A BUMMER!!

My school put on our first-ever game night last night.  This is the first year we have been labeled a Title 1 school, so with this funding we were able to give the kiddos some great materials and provide them some dinner too!  It was AWESOME to see so many families and kiddos come out to play and learn together. 

Maybe that’s what made me SO tired.  Plus my little lady had a tough day at preschool yesterday, so it was a L-O-N-G day all around!

In any event, I’m stopping by tonight to share my latest vowel team pack.  We are making our way through the vowel teams taught in grade 1 FUNdations and I think we have 2 more packs left – coming out in the next 2 weeks.  At that point, we will bundle the vowel team packs for you!

Today’s pack focuses on vowel team –oo (book and loop) and –ou (soup and sprout). 

Here are the games included:

Here’s a preview:

Find the WHOLE pack HERE!  Hope you enjoy!!

Also, are you getting excited for the Secret Admirer post coming on Saturday?  If you follow me on FB you will have already seen my first 3 clues.  Here's a recap -

Any guesses?  If you guess correctly, you can choose 1 item from my store!

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