A Little Time For Me

Who can empathize with this….

Saturday morning, I woke up so motivated!  I was going to attack my to-do list and make a BIG dent before taking the little lady to ballet.  Best of all – the cleaning lady (who comes once a month, but for some reason hasn’t come in 6 weeks) was coming first thing Monday morning. 

Then, it all went awry!  Cleaning lady texted that actually Friday would be better (add some more items to that to-do list).  Then while getting some bloggy work done the computer needed to be plugged in.  I went to get the charger and BOOM – I realized I left it at work.  CRAP -  Too much to do and no charger (of course the place I work has a different generation of computer than my friends who have the same one so I can’t borrow!).  I even looked online to buy a new one - $80!  No thanks!  Finally, I remembered that a sweet friend from work’s daughter has ballet at the same time as the little lady – Success.  We can head to her house after ballet -  THE DAY IS SAVED!

Wait… Not so fast!  Ballet and power cord –check.  We arrive home to a dad’s day outside the house.  One of the first nice spring weekends and the neighborhood men were outside making the yard look nice.  Perfect- right??  Well not really – Some how I ended up with 7 kids for lunch – by myself!  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE these kids.  We play all the time, but I really needed some time to get this stuff done (and really did we need a bigger mess?)  In any event, I survived the impromptu lunch and playdate x7 and even got the little lady and her bestie to help clean up!
So…what did I do after the calm returned?  I did something for me… I had an afternoon cup of coffee and curled up on the newly warmed deck in the sun with a book.  It was the BEST medicine. 

I’m not trying to say that I had a bad day or even a tough day.  It just wasn’t the Saturday I had envisioned and doing something for me at the end of it was exactly what the doctor ordered! 

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How do you treat yourself?  I want to hear!!

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