Science Blog Hopping!!

I am back again participating in the April Blog Hop with a bunch of AMAZING teacher authors.  This month we are celebrating science and all of our products are science related.  This month we got to decide whether to offer a FREEBIE or have a GIVEAWAY.  I made a FREEBIE partially because I am currently in sunny FLORIDA with the Little Lady visiting DISNEY!!  It’s her first trip!  YAHOO! 

My firsties study weather at the beginning of every year and then collect weather data throughout the year.  We compare weather types and temperatures throughout the year and make predictions based on what we have learned. 

My freebie includes all of what you will need to do this in your classroom!

You will find 2 posters:

This one explains different types of weather.

This one explains an easy way to describe the temperature using colors. 

You will find a graph that can be reproduced for each month and even enlarged for whole class use. 

Then, I have included a weather calendar that can also be used to record the weather and temperature for each day.  I use this one whole class, but it could easily be used on an individual basis too. 

Finally, I have included a quick data analysis sheet that students can answer after each month.  This helps them compare data and make informed predictions about the changes in weather. 

You can find the FREEBIE HERE!  Please think about following me on TPT!!

I would LOVE to know what you think about this pack.  This is my first foray into creating science materials for other teachers and it was fun!  I am thinking about creating a version of this as a paid product (including graphs and calendars for each month with matching clip art in color and black and white).  Is this something you would use??

The HOP, HOP, HOP continues…

Hop along and grab a FREEBIE or enter a GIVEAWAY at Crayons and Cuties in Kindergarten.


  1. Yes, this looks great! I sent myself the link to print at school next is my last day of spring break. YUCK! LOL, thanks for sharing!

  2. VERY useful freebie! We graph the weather every day! :)