Lucy Fiction Posters and a Grade 1 writing BUNDLE

I know, I know… I said that I was going to wait and make the final two LC writing poster sets next year when I taught them all, but I gave in!  I know MANY of you are completing ALL 4 new units in one year (KUDOS to you!) and I wanted to give you all some consistency if you had used my other poster sets. 

Here is the final set – FICTION writing.  Have you started this unit yet? Explicit fiction instruction has never been a part of our curriculum, so this was newer to me.  I stayed close to the curriculum since I haven’t taught it yet.  I am open to ideas from anyone who is teaching this or has taught it.  How would you change the posters??

Here is the preview…

Get the whole set (includes 12 posters!!) HERE

ALSO, now that I have completed all 4 poster packs, I have combined them into a BUNDLE.  The bundle includes all of the writing posters from the personal narrative unit, nonfiction unit, opinion unit, and fiction unit – OF COURSE at a BIG savings!

Here is a peek:

And you can find the whole set HERE!

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