Magical Magic e - Game time!

Magic-e is one of my favorite skills to teach.  Why you ask?  Going from only using short vowel sounds to sound out words to being able to use long vowels too opens up the world of reading to kids. 

This year we taught vowel teams before we taught magic-e, which is a BIG change for us.  All of the games in this pack focus JUST on magic-e words.  We are thinking of making a long vowel game pack soon that will combine all of the skills. 

In this pack you will find:

This version of go fish is my FAVORITE literacy game of the year!!  The kiddos match the short vowel word (cap) to the magic e version (cape).  They LOVE this game and it is GREAT practice!

Here is a preview of the pack:

You will find the whole pack HERE!  Please let us know what you think!!

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