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Flip-Flops ready?  Don’t you just LOVE the catchy title for this month’s blog hop?

This month we have decided to share a product with another blogger, try it out in our rooms, and write about it.  You may even see some SALE prices and FREEBIES available as you HOP!!

I am LUCKY enough to have been paired up with my sweet friend Laura from The Differentiation Station.  She has goodies for all grades, but I can speak from experience that her K-2 products are AMAZING.  And who doesn’t love to differentiate – It’s even better when it’s been differentiated for you!  WOO-HOO!

I was lucky enough to try out her FIVE PUPPIES pack.  This pack is HUGE.  It comes as a zip file and you will have 6 packs included!  The whole pack centers around this poem.

She includes pieces ready to be used in a pocket chart.  This can be used for reading, writing, sentence scrambles, word order, etc.  There are 2 versions.  One for kids to organize the poem by line and one by word - whatever they are working on!

 Kiddos can even color their own mini-version of the poem in book form. Again, these are TOTALLy differentiated.  Kids can use their books to practice reading, subtraction, number writing and more!

She then created MANY activities for kiddos to use as detectives.  

Students can go on a letter hunt.

There are two differentiated versions of the letter hunt!

In a similar sense there are also differentiated number hunts.

Wait!! There is more!  She has included the poem in book form (color, black and white, with detachable puppies, with pictures including puppies).  This book will help students to practice subtraction fact to 5. 

Then there are some practice activities (again – DIFFERENTIATED!!)

Finally, for those kiddos that are ready there are word reading and spelling activities (of course…Differentiated).  Look at all of the ways you can have kiddos working with the word big!

She even included a blank one where you can insert your own words!

I can only say that Laura’s shop MORE than lives up to it’s name.  You can get her Five Puppies pack on sale today!

You can also find a little FREEBIE from me HERE!  I REALLY wanted to make something special to tie into Laura's great pack, but alas the end of the year chaos got in the way.  SO...I have something else I think you will like!

Where are you hopping to next??  Check out what's new with Burke's Special Kids (Click HERE if the picture link isn't working!)

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  1. What a sweet review, Abbey! Thank you so much! I loved using yours, as well! You made my entire week brighter :)