Halloween Fun!


Halloween is in the air here!  I don't remember Halloween being quite as big of a deal when I was a kid as it seems to be now.  Our lives will be overtaken by the holiday beginning at the end of next week.  I'm a little overwhelmed about it, but I know that once it gets going we will have SO much fun!  

For now I'm checking in with a mom post!  We decorated last weekend and have a few decorations to share.  Stay tuned next week for some Halloween treats and goodies for the kiddies!

Frankenstein Door

I saw this SUPER CUTE door decoration last fall HERE.  I made it last year using foam.

This year I used felt (cheaper).  I love how it came out!  Would only work though if we keep the door green!

Glitter Pumpkins

So i saw this on Pinterest HERE.  Clearly the directions are to use glue and actual glitter, but  when I was at AC Moore I decided if I was going to try this with a 3 year old we were going to use glitter glue.  She LOVED it and even though it's not quite as vibrant as it may have been with real glitter it still sparkles.  The little lady really got into the painting groove and took out her other paints and painted her pumpkin (repeatedly as she kept wiping off paint until it was perfect ;)  Take a look!

That's all for tonight!  But I will be back next week with some presents and yummies for the kiddies - just add to all that sugar next week right! ;)

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