Apples and Owls - A Mommy Post ( with a teacher surprise at the end!)

Happy Thursday!

This post was supposed to go live last night, but I gave up on such endeavors when at 9:30 I was still working!  This fall has been SO SO busy!  But it's been a GOOD busy for sure!  The Little Lady and I got to see my BEST friend from high school and her daughter today!  It was so nice to catch up with her.  She's one person, who no matter how long it's been since we've seen each other, we can reconnect in no time!  If only she lived closer!


Last Sunday, the HUBS and I took the Little Lady apple picking!  We got there at 10am (opening) and there was already a backup down the street to get it!  But it was worth it!  Check out our pictures!

Already for some apples. Not excited about the photo op!

After a LONG line she has her bag and map... And is waiting in another line!


Sassy lady!  But is loving her apple!!

Yum!  I'm excited to find some sunny apple recipes to make for this weekend. Happy Fall!!


So you know me by now I LOVE am obsessed with owls!  I don't know what it is but I am loving anything owl related!  So, when i saw this craft online HERE.  I knew I had to try it.  So off to AC Moore the Little Lady and I traveled!  12 mason jars and some questionable fall ribbon later, we were off.  The printing was the easiest part.  The sizes weren't perfect for my mason jars, which was annoying, but manageable.  I liked the 2-tone shading that was around the edges, but that had to be CUT off!

Here's what you need:

Below you will see the top of the mason jar.  I printed the owl on old label paper and stuck it to the lid of the mason jar and screwed the top over it.  

Here is a side view!  Like I said the sizing was off (can you tell it bugged me??)  The recipe was also printed on a label and then the jar was filled with spice cake mix and chocolate chips.  The recipient would only have to buy a can of pumpkin and PRESTO - pumpkin cookies!  Hopefully they come out great, as I made them for some friends, the Little Lady's teacher, and people at work!  

Here's a better view of the SUPER cute owls!!

Remember, I told you about the questionable ribbon.  Here it is.  It didn't seem so bad in the store, but at home- A NO GO!  You may be able to pretty your's up if you do a better job color matching ;).


I got a few requests for a spelling BUNDLE, so that's what I was up to last night!  It's uploaded now.  Check it out HERE!  If you buy the packs separately you would pay $13, but the bundle is only $10!  HERE is the link to my original post about my spelling packs if you missed it!

I'll be back tomorrow with a 5 For Friday post!  Now I am off to catch some Grey's Anatomy before bad!

See you tomorrow!

A Teacher Mom:)

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