Spelling Chart and Some Witch Cones!

I just feel like I haven't stopped since school started!  There is always one more thing to do!  We were ghosted Sunday night, which made the Little Lady's night.  However, that meant I needed to purchase things to ghost 2 more neighbors the next day!  Thank goodness for Target!  I come to you tonight with a cute Halloween craft that has been in the works for a week or so and anew product addition to the writing posters that I have been making to go along with the revised Lucy Calking units. 

Witch Cones

I saw a version of this on Pinterest, but of course the link was broken, so I improvised.  I new I wanted traffic cones.  The HUBS works with these, so I thought it would be easy, but no such luck. He was unwilling to take any ;), so even though some nice person left some on our doorstep Sunday morning (The HUBS returned those!), we went to Home Depot and gave in and bought them!  We got 4 - a compromise since I wanted 6!  HUBS spray painted them (they dried but stayed tacky) 

and I used yellow permanent paint for the stripe.

I want to place them on the stairs - HUBS disagrees, so it's up for debate.  Where do you think we should put them??

Ways To Spell Words

You may have seen the other writing mini-posters that I have created to go along with the REVISED Lucy Calking writing program.  This is the 4th poster in the series.  Today, I finished lesson #12 where we continued to talk about strategies to help us spell words.   It's on sale in my TPT store NOW for only 50 cents!  

Take a look!

I'll be back Friday with a peek at out week!  Come back!  (

(and let me know what you think about the cones!)  

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