Building Mathematical Comprehension - Chapter #10

Hi Friends!

Welcome to our last weekly chat about Building Mathematical Comprehension.  This week we are all talking about how these strategies fit in to the Guided Math model - which if you read my posts often enough - you will know I love!

There are a few things you need to know about a Guided Math Classroom:  

First of all you need to believe in these tenets: (pages 276-278)
-  All children can learn mathematics.
-  A numerecy-rish environment promotes math learning by students.  
-  Learning at its best is a social process.
-  Learning mathematics is a constructive process.
-  An organized classroom environment supports the learning process. 
-  Modeling and think-alouds, combined with ample opportunities for guided and independent problems cooling and purposeful conversations, create a learning environment in which students' mathematical understanding grows.
-  Ultimately, children are responsible for their learning. 

Secondly, you need to become familiar with the components of Guided Math:
-  A classroom environment of numeracy
-  Math stretches and calendar board activities
-  Whole-class instruction
-  Guided Math instruction with small groups of students
-  Math workshop
-  Individual conferences
-  An ongoing system of assessment

Now that you have all of the pieces of Guided Math and you know how to use the comprehension strategies in math - all we need to do now is put it all together to help make meaning for our students!

Thanks for joining me on this journey - I would love to hear how you are implementing all of this in your room!

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