My Guilty Pleasure....

Happy Monday Friends!

This week we are sharing all about our guilty pleasures!  

I couldn't decide whether to share one from my personal life or my teacher life, so I decided to share both!

Teacher Life:

I saw this over the weekend - and what can I say -this is me!  I'm not even going back to work until December and I have still been buying, creating, and preparing for the new school year - This LTS has it made!

Do you love school supplies as much as me??

Personal Life:

Much to my husband's dismay - I have been addicted to Big Brother ever since season 2 - even before I started dating him.  

I'm not sure if it's because I have extra time in the summer or if it's just something fun (and mindless) to watch, but every summer it grips me.  

Though I will say this summer has NOT been my favorite!  Anyone else watch?  What are you thinking about this season??


  1. Hi Abbey!

    I love Big Brother, too! My children and I watch it all the time! I hope Johnny Mac wins this year - but I would also be happy if James or Vanessa were to win, too! What about you?


  2. Hey, everyone deserves a little guilty pleasure TV!

  3. I have been obsessed with BB for about 7 seasons! Though I am a month behind - I agree with you. This season has not been my fave. I cant put my finger on it!
    Reading and Writing Redhead