My Favorite Website!

I use many websites to help me plan and prepare for my students - they use the iPads instead of laptops, so my favorite websites are ones I use to get things going.  

Today I am sharing one that luckily my district covers the cost of, but if they didn't it would be one that I would be happy to shell out the cost of - Reading A-Z!

I know that there are so many Guided Reading resources around and many of them are great, but I love reading a-z because it is everything all in one!

I can choose books based on level and genre (which is usually what I am looking for).  There are TONS of informational texts, so I can be vigilant that my first graders are reading lots of nonfiction!  I also like that I can print and copy the number of titles that I need!  There is nothing more frustrating than heading into the book room wanting a specific title and finding only 3 copies!

Each book has a list of vocabulary words that students should be familiar with before reading.  My school has a HUGE ELL population, so this comes in SUPER-DUPER handy when planning groups for them!

Each book also has worksheets to accompany the book if you want them - and a lesson plan if you aren't sure where to start. You could even project most of the books for a shared reading experience if that's what you are feeling that day!

What is your favorite go-to website for kids?  I would love to hear it - I always want to try out the latest and greatest!!

**This was NOT sponsored by Reading A-Z.  All opinions are my own.***

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