Guided Math - Week #4 - Chapter #4 - Whole Class Instruction

Each week, I think about my teaching in a new way and this week has been no exception.  The way I use whole class instruction is similar to the ways talked about in this chapter (mini-lesson, literature, and assessment), but Laney added layers to these components that I had not even thought of – As always there is more work to do! J

For once - I got this one!  My whole class instruction is ALWAYS only a mini-lesson at the beginning of the lesson.  It is an intro to the small group lessons which are differentiated.  It can be a time when students are given information and an overview of the lesson.  

One area I want to improve on...math literature.  I LOVED reading during math, but I struggle a little in finding great books.  I have my tried and true favs, but finding new ones can be a challenge - READ on to the other linked blogs, they have TONS of ideas!

I do sometimes do some teaching during my mini-lesson that should be taught during the small group time.  I am hoping to spend some time this summer revising the lessons, so that doesn't happen and REALLY focus on the small group. 

What are you ideas for math literature?  

I PROMISE to have a fuller blog next week - 2 MORE days...I can make it! :)

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