The Literacy Teacher's Playbook - Week #1 Chapter #1

I have been having so much fun reading and learning from everyone in the Guided Math book club group, that I decided that I would try to start my own bloggy book study group!

I chose this book because for me it’s going to be the next step.  We collect a lot of data and we use it to inform instruction and RTI groups, but I need to be doing more with it.  I always am asking myself if I am choosing the BEST assessments to use with kids.  Already – just by reading chapter 1, I have some GREAT ideas for changes I want to make. 

We will be posting weekly for 8 weeks on Wednesdays throughout the summer.  I would love for you to reading along with us!  You can find the book HERE on Amazon. There is also a 3-6 companion text if you teach older kiddos!  You can find that one HERE. 

Chapter 1 is all about Collecting Data.  At our school we collect SERIOUS data 3 times a year on most kids.  The administration has been pulling back on assessments, so now we are actually testing kids less as long as they have been making the benchmarks (to be honest I have mixed feelings about this).  I do collect information on kids day-to-day, but not in an organized way.  I enjoyed how this chapter really laid out ideas for collecting this day-to-day data in a "doable" way!

As important as reading and writing engagement is, do you think I really assessed this?  NO!!  I can tell you for the most part who is on task and who needs reminders, but I certainly cannot be exact about the off-task behaviors that I see.  The Engagement Inventory on page 9 is REVOLUTIONARY for me!   I am totally going to try this out a few times during the fall before our first conferences and hopefully share the results with families!

We all know about Running Records and how they can be SO helpful, and every year, I start off ready to roll with them, but along the way they get lost.  Not because I can't manage them, but I get so caught up with my guided reading and strategy groups that I feel as though I can't take time away.  Reading this chapter was a great reminder of their importance and place in the classroom.  

Comprehension is tricky to assess in my opinion.  Many kids get lost in their thoughts or struggle so much to write a sentence that pieces get lost.  I love the idea of the quick- jot as you complete a read aloud.  I created this FREEBIE so that you could use it with any book in your classroom.  

I continue to worry about collecting information about the conversations kids have.  While, the whole class note taking sounds nice, I know it couldn't work for me.  I still need to find a way to remember some of the important things kids say when in the whole group...

What were your thoughts?  What kind of day-to-day literacy assessments do you use in your classroom?  Please share with us and continue clicking through to read everyone's thoughts and ideas!

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  1. This looks like a great book! I am the same as you... I have mixed feelings about collecting so much data. My district is also pulling back on what they expect of us, but that is because our class sizes are going up and it is not possible to do as many assessments. I need some "doable" ideas. Thanks!

    Crayons and Whimsy