Keep 'Em Buzzy Blog Hop - Crafty Learning With the Kiddos

Happy summer!!  

I am excited to again be participating with the amazing Teacher Tam in her monthly blog hop. This month we are focused on fun at home craft learning. 

You may be a homeschooling momma (or daddy) or maybe you are home with the little ones for the summer. Either way, I wanted to share a FUN way for your kiddos to pray ice almost any skill. 

WARNING:  This can get a bit messy. You wil notice I took the mess outside on the lawn to limit cleaning!!

To begin you will need to get foaming shaving cream, washable paints ( we chose blue and yellow but you can choose as many ad you plan to use), q-tips, a cookie sheet, ( this one is old and not used for cooking anymore.  I forgot spoons  and bowls but you need those too!

I sprayed the shaving cream into two bowls. One for each color. 

Pour in paint and mix!

Spread a thinish later on a cookie sheet. 

Using either fingers or qtips draw letters, numbers, words, math equations - whatever you want!!

 Of course save some time at the end for playing!!

Keep hopping along - Next on the hop is Teacher Tam.  Don't click on the picture though for some reason it will send you back here!  EEK - HTML and I are clearly fighting!!
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  1. Great ideas. Looks fun and messy. I love messy play outside! Teaching Science With Lynda

  2. Cute, fun, educational, messy....what could be better!? Thanks for sharing!

    Teaching Momster