The Literacy Teacher's Playbook - Week #2 - Chapter #2 - Analyzing Data!

Welcome Back!  Are you done with school?  I FINALLY am on summer vacation!!  The little lady and I are LOVING it and enjoying our time together.  I'm taking a tiny break today to talk with you all about the first part of the next chapter all about analyzing data.  

I realize that many of you may have already read the entire chapter or maybe you are reading all of our reflections on the chapter, but before you read on, I want to share with you what Jennifer Serrvallo says at the end of the chapter - it is NOT expected that you would analyze every student's work in every area!  After reading this chapter for the first time, I was panicked about fitting it all in, but she talks about choosing students who are receiving interventions as being good candidates.  She also mentions if you would like you could do this kind of analysis once a year on each student - spreading them out across the year.  Just a thought to remember as we continue :) . 

This week we are going to look at 4 areas of assessment:

Engagement Inventories
If you read my post last week, you will remember that I LOVED this idea.  I have always assessed my students on their level of engagement, but NEVER have I spent the entire reading block watching and recording their behaviors!  I can't wait to try this out a few select times next year!

Once I collect the data, it will be great to know what to do with it and sure enough that's what we learned!  Looking for strengths and areas of growth is a positive way to work with students and families.  And if this is completed a few times a year, you can compare data!

Book Logs
Ready for some honesty???  I'm not sure about reading logs.  EEK!  There I said it.  Am I the only one??  I hope not.  Getting my firsties to write at the beginning of the year can be a challenge and I am fearful that writing titles will take most of the reading time - even if we use the tally idea.  I do like the idea of holding them accountable for reading during reading time, but there must be another way...

Reading Interest Inventory
Another idea that I CANNOT wait to use!  I always do something like this at the beginning of the year, but it is more general and I don't really do anything with it.  This is just one more way to get to know your class and maybe you will be able to reach one student through what you learn!

Writing About Reading
Remember those quick jots from last week?  Now we get to look at them.  You can compare the level of student understanding when all students are answering the same questions in the same places.  You can see what strategies students are using as they are listening to a story.  This can even be done while they are independently reading.  (Did you read my post earlier this week about reading comprehension...maybe this is my answer...???

Thanks for joining us on our second week through this AMAZING book!  Next week we will be completing the second section of chapter 2 if you are reading along with us.  Please enter the giveaway below - you will be getting WINNER's CHOICE from some GREAT teacher authors!!

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Keep hopping!  There are some great ideas coming from reading.  Here are some more teachers who are ready to share!!

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