Blend Games Pack Is HERE!

Last month we participated in our FIRST Free-For-All.  The experience was AMAZING and we plan to participate again.  In planning for the January event we decided to start a new line of FUNdations aligned products:  GAME PACKS!

We started with Unit 7 (-ng and –nk glued sounds) and they have been catching on with buyers, but also with our firsties!  We have caught our breath from V-day and have the second pack in the set – blends.  We have aligned it with the FUNdations phonics curriculum for grade 1 (unit 8) but really anyone working with blends can benefit from using these games. 

We have been using the Unit 7 games mostly for RTI (but that’s only because we didn’t finish the pack until after we finished teaching the unit).  They can be used with the WHOLE class too!  You can find the pack HERE!

Want a sneak peek before you buy??  Here are some pictures on what is included.  

We would LOVE to know what you think?  Are these games that you would use in your room?  Are there other games you would like to see added?  We are always open to new ideas!!

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