Closed Syllables GAMES Pack is HERE

Melanie and I started off making a games pack for one unit (-nk and –ng words), thinking some people may use it.  Well guess who has been using these games like CRAZY??  Our kiddos!!  They LOVE practicing the skills they are learning in a game format!  Best of all we have been saving on teaching time because we have been keeping many of the games similar for each unit (just changing the skill they are working on), so once you teach the 6 games in the set, you can relax a bit when you head into the next unit’s set of games. 

Today we are sharing our latest games pack all about closed syllable words.  In some ways this FUNdations unit is a review of all of the types of words we have learned how to read and spell this year.  The new BIG concept is what a closed syllable is.  There are games for word reading, word writing, trick word practice, and closed/open syllable sorting.  In this unit, kids are also introduced to r-controlled vowels and some vowel teams (more vowel teams come in unit 10).  We have SEPARATE game packs in progress for these skills.  Stay tuned…

In the meantime, check out some pics of the pack.

And then head over to my little store to check it out HERE!!  It will be 50% off until tomorrow am at 7EST! 

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