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Hi Friends!

I hope you all had a great weekend (and an ok Monday too!).  The HUBS and I got away for the night on Saturday to the hotel where we got married.  It was amazing to be away and free for the night, but I REALLY missed the little lady in the morning.  However, we made time for some gluten-free breakfast goodness.  The hotel made me GF chocolate chip pancakes.  Haven’t had those since before I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease!  YUM!!

In any event, I didn’t quite finish our next phonics pack in time for the weekend, but it’s available HERE right now!!  This unit focuses on V-C-E words (magic-e, bossy e, etc).  There are 15 practice pages (one for each day of the unit) and 4 trick word pages (none, nothing, friend, other, another). 

Here is a quick peek:

We are working on a second set of games.  Hopefully they will be done and up by Friday.  These will be aligned with FUNdations Unit 8 – blends. I promise I will be back with the full info and maybe even a GIVEAWAY!! ;)

Stay tuned!  Stay dry! And Stay warm!!

Have a great week J

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