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I was SO HAPPY that I happened upon an item on the TPT seller’s forum a month or so ago.  Another teacher author was creating a group to set up monthly blog hops with different themes/freebies/giveaways each time.  This is my first month participating and the theme is MATH.  I actually LOVE teaching math, but I don’t have many math related products mainly because before I was a seller, I bought a TON of math games from some of my favorite sellers. 

In any event, one thing that I work on with my firsties ALL year is math facts.  According to the CCSS, first graders need to be fluent with math facts to 10 and have strategies to solve math facts to 20.  Also, according to CCSS Kindergarteners need to be fluent with math facts to 5.  This fall our math coach assessed all of our firsties in math fact fluency to 10 (some kids were assessed to 5, some to 20, depending on their skill level) using a Kathy Richardson assessment.  We found many of our kids made a backslide over the summer and were not longer fluent to 5!!

Therefore, as a team we decided that most of out RTI math blocks would be set aside for math fact interventions for students who were not fluent to 10.  We have seen a HUGE improvement in the skill level in our kiddos!  In my class I had 8 kids who were below benchmark in this area in the fall, and now I have 2! 

So, what do we do during the RTI time?  Yes, some of the kids really needed one-on-one instruction and repetition, but most of these kids really needed more time to see and experience numbers and addition.  We made LOADS of games for the kids to play – all focused on math facts to 10 and then moved on to 15.  We made differentiated versions for our enrichment students, so they would be challenged and working on meaningful activities. 

Today I am sharing with you ONE of the games that I use in my room. There are two different sets in this pack.  One set for your benchmark or below benchmark students who need to practice basic math facts with sums from 5-15.  These cards have a number model (6 +5) and an answer card (11). 

The second set is for your above benchmark students or students who are at benchmark, but need a push to go farther.  This set also works on math facts with sums from 5-15, but these cards have two number models that need to be matched (6+5 and 4+7). 

Get the freebie HERE!

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