Vacation Anyone?

Anyone else on vacation this week?  I have been seeing postings on FB where teachers said they were in school due to all of their snow days!!!  EEK!!  Luckily, we are off for the WHOLE week.  Gotta LOVE February vacation!

Of course, we have a TON going on this week.  The HUBS was plowing from Thursday am –Friday am and Sat pm-Sun pm, so he is BEYOND exhausted.  Luckily he got some serious sleep in before we headed to Disney On Ice tonight!  Thanks goodness there were princesses in this one – The last time we went the princesses did not make an appearance and someone was UPSET!! 

On the agenda tomorrow will be some sledding – The Little Lady’s first REAL sledding experience at my grandparents hill (where I used to sled ALL OF THE TIME!!).  I am excited to see her on the hill!

On the teacher side, I have A LOT going on for a week off.  Later this week (Friday-Monday) I will again be participating in a Facebook Free-For-All.  This month’s will be set up differently from last month’s, but don’t worry you will be getting some AMAZING freebies!! 

Also later this week (Saturday and Sunday) I will be participating in a Blog Hop where everyone is sharing a math freebie and how they use it in their classroom.  The blog hop will be a FIRST for me!  Finally, Mel and I are putting the finishing touches on our next phonics GAME pack – It should be up within a day or two.  The theme is blends…stay tuned.

If you are home this week I hope you have a GREAT week, and if not I hope you have an even better week (hoping for outdoor recess for you all!!)

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