Digging Into Phonics and Word Work Instruction

I can't believe that we are already half way through July.  I know that some of you are heading back to school soon, but since we ended at the end of June we don't go back until September 2nd!

This week the little lady and I have been sunning ourselves at the beach house with my parents - left the HUBS home working :(

This week we are talking all about phonics and word work!  If you know my product, you will know that most of them are phonics and word work related for grades k-2!  Today I will let you know a little about how I work my whole class and small group instruction and at the end I will leave you some links to my favorite phonics products!

My district uses a whole class phonics curriculum in grades k-3 called FUNdations.  This program is NOT differentiated and can be B-O-R-I-N-G for your higher readers.  Some kids need the extra practice from the practice packs we have made and some LOVE the fun of the games we created.  Whatever you like your kiddos to work on these packs will encourage engagement and learning excitement.  
I use the practice packs as practice work at the end of phonics instruction or during a work station or RTI time.  The games I use as a station during guided reading time or as part of my small group guided reading or RTI instruction. 

Last year, I was making the  game packs and using them all at the same time.  This made differentiating challenging since I was making everything from scratch!  Now that I have so many games made and I am TOTALLY comfortable with them, I plan to differentiate the word work games for kids.  Kids will continue to work on the same or similar concepts, but will play different games with different complexity levels and expectations for output may be different (Writing one word vs. writing a sentence with the word in it). 

We use FUNdations, but the products that we have created really can go along with the skills that are taught at each grade level (K, 1, and 2).  

Spelling Lists and Practice Pages - Grade 1

Practice Packs- Grade 1:
These are sold as individual sets in my store, but I have linked the small and large bundles here. 

Games - Grade 1
These are also sold as individual sets, but I have linked the small and large bundles here. 

Vowel Teams Games Packs
These are also sold as individual sets, but I have linked the small and large bundles here. 

Practice Packs - Kindergarten
So far I have completed the unit 2 and 3 practice packs and have linked them below.  I will be done with the other 3 units by the end of next week and we will bundle those at that point.  Follow me on TPT to get notifications when the packs are up!

Games- Kindergarten
These will be complete by the end of the summer!

Practice Packs - Grade 2
Practice pack #1 is linked below.  We will continue to work on practice packs throughout the fall until we have packs for all 17 units!

Games - Grade 2
Game packs will come along as we finish the practice packs -  Right now the plan is to complete 5 practice packs and then 5 game packs - so be on the lookout for some at the beginning of September!

Thanks as always for joining me!  Please make sure to check out what my other amazing bloggy friends have to say - and let me know what you think about phonics and word work instruction in my room!

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