Guided Math - Week #6 - Chapter #6

Welcome back!  After last week's chatter about small group teaching, I'm guessing you were left interested, but skeptical - What in the world is everybody else going to be doing?  And if you are like me, wondering how you can check in with kids who are working independently when you are working with groups the whole time.  Because who hasn't sat down to correct and realized that Sally got every problem incorrect!  You are in luck, because this week's chapter is all about what the rest of the class is doing!  

 I have been differentiating my math lessons for a few years now.  I have a few things that help me stay organized.  I use this math board to help the kids know where they are supposed to be.  

After reading this book, I plan to make some changes to my centers, but the organization will stay the same.  Next year, the kids will have an independent work station, a game station, and a teacher station.  I also want to work in an iPad station, but I need to figure that piece out, since we have 5 iPads and 22 kids!

I also use colored bins to organize the kiddos math materials.  In here  the kids will find everything they need for their independent work time - journals, folders, manipulatives, etc)

Finally, I just found these at The Dollar Tree last weekend.  

I am going to use these to house the game I want each group to play.  I am figuring that I am going to have each group playing different games some of the time, so this way the materials will be easy to access and move to their group's playing area.

I wrote to you a few times about how my first grade team and I created a list of HAVE TO KNOW's for each unit.  We work with kiddos to meet those goals and then if they don't we give them some intervention.  I am thinking that the more I am able to work with these kiddos in small groups, I am going to be able to give them more of what they need as we are learning, so in theory less kiddos will need intervention.  Ask me again in November, but for now I am hopeful!

Thanks for checking in again this week! What you thinking about doing as stations for your class?  Share in the comments. 

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