Guided Math - Chapter #7 - Conferences (in math!)

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Before we start chatting about conferences in math, I really want to wish all of my AWESOME bloggy friends a GREAT trip to VEGAS for the TPT conference.  I am SUPER DE DUPER jealous that I couldn’t be there, but here’s hoping I will make it next year!

This week is all about conferences.  I know, I know you are saying conferences in math too – Where is the time?  What am I going to talk to them about?  I hear you and will be thinking about the same things as I begin the next school year. 

How do I discover my students' mathematical thinking?  This one took some thought.  Before reading this chapter, I honestly hadn't given a whole lot of thought to conferring during math.  I talk with kids in small groups and during math congresses, but really where would math conferences fit in?  

After reading, I totally see the importance of conferring, but I am still concerned about timing.  My firsties are going to need a lot of small group time and I'm not sure when conferences will fit in.  However, I do plan to include some conferring into my small group time.  I do want to hear what students are thinking and I think listening to them explain their thinking will help me challenge students who need it and clarify content for those who need that.

I basically answered this question above, before I even knew it was coming. First graders are beginning their journey into math and need a lot of small group time with the teacher.  Guided practice time with teacher support is necessary.  I am open to ideas for conferring - Any firstie teacher have a great fool proof plan to make time for conferring and small group times?

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