Guided Math - Week #8 - Assessment

Can you believe that we are almost finished with this book?  I have been LOVING everything about this book and I can’t wait to get working on revising my first math unit to make it more Guided Math friendly!

This week we are talking about assessment.  I know, I know ASSESSMENT is the one thing you don’t want to hear any more about, but I’m telling you the way Laney talks about assessment it is doable and it helps inform what you are doing in your small groups!

Assessment is how you as the teacher can make sure that kids are learning what they need to in a timely manner.  I have written in previous Guided Math posts about the assessments  that I have already been doing.  My plan is to keep those same assessments and clear guidelines, but also plan to add in a new piece this year.  
This new piece will help me to even better keep track of what kids know, need to know, and are having trouble with.  This will help me groups be more flexible and current in terms of the kids needs.  

What are you planning - I know that's what you are asking! :)
It's all pretty simple.  Remember those Have to Knows I keep telling you about.  These are the things from each unit that a kiddos HAS TO KNOW by the end.  
I plan to use that list and make a grid for me to use while I am working in small groups and conferring with students.  This will allow me to make changes more thoughtfully and with more current data.  The grid will look something like this, but with larger boxes for note taking and will be different for each unit based on the HAVE TO KNOWS!  What do you think?  Could you use something like this?

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