Guided Math - The FINALE!!

It's the last week - the last chapter and I am ready to put it all into action.  On Monday, I met with my besties, long-time first grade teacher, across the hall neighbor, and my bloggy partner in crime.  We worked through out first math unit - making plans to be totally GUIDED MATH ready!  

I have been so excited to plan out what we can do as a team to make Guided Math work in our rooms!  We met Monday to make plans.  We plan to revise our HAVE TO KNOWS.  We love using them, but Melanie and I noticed that some of what we listed as a HAVE TO KNOW has changed, so we want to revise as we go.  We also plan to make a grid for note taking during small group time.  This will help us match the lessons/activities to the HAVE TO KNOW's of the unit.  
We get a document that looks like this from the math dept (this is only one page).  Our math is a bit of a mish mash of a few programs.  

We went through each lesson to plan out group activities - and provide for more teacher/student time.  Right now they are written out, but soon I hope to put them on the computer.  For now, you can look at my messy Bessy handwriting ;)

I would NOT be the teacher I am without my team.  My school has a STRONG PLC community.  We meet at least 2 times each week to plan and look at data and group kiddos.  I am planning a WHOLE post on this soon, so be on the look out!!

I hope you have gotten even  half as much as I have from this book.  It has been a great experience and I am looking forward to putting my plan into action!!

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