Falling In Love with Close Reading - Chapter 4

 Hopefully, this post goes up on time!  The family and I are away this weekend for our summer vacation!  I hope you are all able to spend some family time in the sun this weekend!

 It’s time for some more close reading! This week we will be talking more about the structure and organization of the piece we are reading.  The chapter was geared more toward older readers, but I really feel as though I have some clear takeaways for the little ones too!

The author's, again, created a chart to help structure our teaching when reading closely for structure.

1.  Read through lenses.
-  Decide how you will describe the organization of the text.
     -  One way is the techniques the author uses (descriptions, dialogue between characters, flashbacks, definition of a term.
     -  Then describe the purpose of that organization (to set the stage, to reveal, to create suspense).

2.  Use lenses to find patters.
-  How are the parts similar?
-  How are the parts different?
-  What purpose do the parts serve?

3. Use the patterns to develop a new understanding of the text. 
-  Look at patterns to think about:  
     -  a character's development.
     -  a whole text's themes, central ideas, or author's purpose. 

As I was reading, I'm thinking - NO WAY can I do this in first grade!!!

Then, I got to the section in the chapter for ideas to provide additional support.  Students can follow these steps (above), but instead of being so complex, students can talk about genre as a structure or about the sequence of events in a narrative story.  I think with support my readers could be able to do some of this as the year moves on!  YEA!

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