The Literacy Teacher's Playbook - Week #5 - ACTION PLAN

This is the week I have been waiting for!  Action PLAN!  We have looked at student work, analyzed it, set goals, and now it's time to work.  

Jennifer talks about an action plan needs to answer some important questions:
-  How will I plan for repeated practice in terms of both strategies and instructional formats?
-  How will the teaching look over time - who will be involved and how long will it take?
-  How will I know when the goal has been met?

In other words create a SMART goal :) - Do you all have to write those yearly for your principals?  We do!  SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely.

She then talked a lot about the differences between strategies and skills (has this been a debate at your school - It HAS at ours!!). Jennifer defines strategies as "deliberate intentional actions a learner purposefully takes to accomplish a specific task or skill."  For example:  The skill may be inferring.  The strategy may be when reading, notice what a character says and does.  Think about what kind of person would talk or act like that. 

I also liked when she talked about where to find a "list" of strategies.  She reminded us that there will not be a LIST - of course there are books that talk about many good ones.  But instead these strategies come from reflecting on your own processes as a reader and writer and sharing them as a list of steps.  

Next week, we will continue with the action plan - talking all about instructional formats and methods!

Thanks for stopping by again - more action plan goodies are on their way next week!

Make sure you keep reading on to find out more!

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