August SLANT box - Hometowns

When you hear hometowns, do you automatically think The Bachelor?  Well sadly, I do.  That is one guilty pleasure that I started watching when I was home on maternity leave and now I can't stop!!

Anyway...This is not Bachelor related!

I was lucky enough to participate in the SLANT box exchange again this month!!!

This month I was paired with a worldly educator who has lived in Hawaii, Florida, and now in Virginia.  Thanks to her thoughtfulness, I was sent a box of SUNSHINE (FL themed) goodies and my little one even got a treat too!

Check out what Nicole sent...
She was also SWEET enough to send a little something for my little lady - silly putty. Which she LOVES!!!

Want to sign up for next month?  The theme is TEACHER VOICE... Click HERE!

Hurry, hurry - submissions close soon!!


  1. I just signed up for my first - slant box! I'm so excited to participate!

  2. Yay! I'm so glad that you like it! Ignore the e-mail just sent. :) Definately signing up for next month's fun. Hope you have an awesome year.