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Happy Sale Week!!  The TPT sale is SUPER early this year!!  If you are like me, we don't go back until September, but don't worry I will be stocking up on goodies this week anyway!  

I mentioned in another blogpost that I was running a race this weekend - and I finished - That was my only goal for the race and I met it!

This is the last week of Laura's Digging In series, but don't fear, we will be back for ONE more week to share an AMAZING AMAZING giveaway - You will not even believe what we are giving away - Think Oprah - You get one and you get one and you get one ;)

This week will be short and sweet.  We are able to blog about something of our choice, and since we have blogged about so many AWESOME topics this summer, there was only one left that I could think of... INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOKS.

I was new to interactive notebooks last year.  During one of the promotional activities that I participated in, I was LUCKY enough to get to "secretly admire" one of my super sweet blogger friends' packs - Language Interactive Notebooks for Grade 1 by Dianna from Sassy, Savvy, Simple Teaching.  You can read my complete blog post about them HERE and you can check out Dianna's pack HERE.

I got a late start on the interactive notebooks last year - not starting until March, but this year I will be ready with them, so we can be working on the all year through.  Here's a question for you all - Do you cut, glue and fold for your firsties or do they put the notebook together themselves?  I have done it both ways and they both have pros and cons...

Thanks for stopping by again this week - make sure you stop back next week for the BIG giveaway!!  Also, take a look HERE at my store for some BTS goodies you can get on sale this week!!

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  1. Wow I am SO impressed you ran a road race! I was just talking about jogging and running today and I just cannot handle it! Good for you!
    Reading and Writing Redhead