Falling In Love with Close Reading - Chapter 6

How is your summer going?  Or is it already gone and you are back to school?  I am lucky to be one that doesn't go back until September, but I am now in the getting ready phase.  Which is a nice place to be since I still get to spend TONS of time at the beach!!

This week we are talking about comparing two texts.  To me it is a lot like the text -to-text connections we have been asking kids to make for years, but it adds some deeper thinking and thought to the connections they are making.  It also required students to come up with some of their own ideas - which may be a bit too much for my littles, but high expectations breed high success right?

When making these connections the authors provided another clear table to help organize your thinking and your student's thinking.  

1.  Read through lenses.
-  Choose a comparison:  characters or subjects, themes or central ideas, setting, authors.
-  Then choose your texts:  what other text fits with this chosen comparison?

2.  Use lenses to find patterns. 
-  Describe how to compare:  text evidence, word choice, structure, point of view.

3.  Use the patterns to develop a new understanding of the text.
-  Have new ideas about:  the lens you looked through, the author's choices, or the messages the text sends.  

This sentence stem also was included to help students...

"Both text have in common ___________, but some differences are that ____________.  This makes me think ______________."

Good luck using these ideas in your room.  I would love to hear what is working as you try these ideas out!

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