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Hi y'all!  Happy weekend for those of you already back in school!  I (hopefully) will be finishing my first race this morning as you are all reading this.  If all goes well, maybe I will share a before and after picture, but since it's 5.25 miles I may be half dead by the end - LOL!

Today I am sharing with you a little summer recipe that my family LOVES and I hope you and you family or you and you class (if you are lucky enough to be able to use food in your room) will enjoy it too.  We can't do ANYTHING with food at school - due to allergies, but also health issues, so I love reading what you all do with food in your rooms!

Who doesn't LOVE jello and Sweedish fish?  These are two of my favorite things - at least they were when I was younger.  All you need is a package of BLUE jello, sweedish fish, and some clear plastic cups.  Make the jello according to the package directions and pour directly into the clear cups.  You can add the sweedish fish right away if you want, but they tend to sink.  Your best bet is to wait a bit and add them and mix.  And voila  - swimming fish bowls!

Thanks to Michelle Paige for the use of this picture - I didn't have a chance to make them this week!

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Thanks as always for reading and checking in.  Let me know what you think of the goodies!  And I will leave you with a quick pic of another kitchen creation of mine - I made this cake for the little lady's friend last weekend - I was pretty happy with how it came out!!

Keep on hopping for some more great recipes and resources to get your year started right!  Next on the hop is...

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  1. Your fish would work for Dr. Seuss theme too! Cute cake!