Classroom reveal time!!

I am SUPER excited to share what my room looks like finally!  I feel like I have been in and out tweeking and making changes forever!  The kiddos arrive on Tuesday, but I was able to have almost all of them in for our Meet-and-Greet yesterday which went SO well.  Only 3 kiddos couldn’t make it – That’s a record for me!!
HERE's my ROOM!!

This is my classroom door.  I am using an owl theme this year, so I found this on TPT. It is editable and I could add all of the kiddos names!!  I would have taken a picture of their lockers too, except the lockers are being blocked by furniture.  Why?  You ask?  Because they are building a wall to separate a classroom - and when would be a good time to start this?  Why yes the week before school starts! LOL!

This is the opposite side of the door.  On here you will see my schedule and line order and then this laminated chart where I write the day's objectives.  

I am SO OCD sometimes.  And here is a prime example.  This is the next week prepared books, work, lesson plans, etc. (because I can't leave anything to the last minute - though of course I will change things as I go.)   

This will be my word wall.  It's on the list for the weekend to get everyone's names up there.  Let's just hope I can get the HUBS' computer back up and running since he is the only one who can connect to the printer!  This is also my math alphabet.  Setting up a math environment too!

This table is currently my "Extra" table, but will be put to use soon since as I was leaving yesterday I got my 23rd student.  For the Meet-and-Greet I set out my wish list on cupcakes and left a "ready confetti" treat for the kids to take home for Monday night!

I'm not sure if your school is the same, but for many of my kids the way they go home on the first day of school is TOTALLY different than the way they head home every other day.  This year I am trying to be organized about it and I am asking in advance!

Calendar board is RTG!

Book area (this is only 1/2) is now outfitted with Cupcake for the Teacher library labels!

Names are all ready for math and literacy groups to start soon!


Table set up!  Using cups inside the caddies to help kids stay organized.

Got this b-day board at Lakeshore and NOT in love with it at all, but I am living with it until I can make one better...

Games are stored in pretty boxes!

Thanks for visiting my classroom - Hop on over to The Primary Gal to see some more classroom makeovers!!

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