Teaching With Intention Book Study - Chapter 1

Happy August!  

I am guessing many of you are back teaching already!  I have been working in my room (and at home!),  but am taking a few days to spend with my family at the beach before I need to head back.  Of course in true teacher style I have 2 bags filled with back-to-school projects that I am working on!

I LOVE the Guided Math book study we completed over the summer.  It really changed the way Mel and I look at math and the way we are teaching this year.  We are SO SO excited!  So, when my dear friend Amanda from The Primary Gal mentioned she was starting another book group, I JUMPED at the chance.  

This time we are reading Teaching With Intention by Debbie Miller.  This is a new text for me, so I will be reading each chapter along with you each week and I will be writing about my thoughts and ideas as we go.  I also would LOVE to hear your ideas too!!

The first chapter was so lovely.  It is a story about a visit Debbie made to a school who made her miss the classroom because this classroom was set up for learning, for student independence.  It was truly a place a learning.  I want to visit this room!  I can only hope my room looks and feels a little bit like this as I create a new classroom community!

I am looking forward to sharing more as we go.  Have you read this book?  Did you like it?  I would love to hear what you think as we begin!

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