Teaching With Intention - Chapter 2

Another week has gone by!  Can you believe it?
I head back to school on Tuesday with a whole new set of kiddos.  I LOVED last year's class, so I am really missing them!  However, I am excited about the newest crop!  I will be sharing some FINAL room pics with y'all later this week! But for now, I am linking up with Amanda from The Primary Gal for week #2 of our Teaching With Intention book study!

This week was all about what me as a teacher believe and think about teaching and learning.  So much of the things we are presented with as teachers are DO THIS or HERE'S A NEW CURRICULUM -GO.  It really spoke to me when Debbie Miller spoke about what we really believe about teaching.  

Her example listed 6 beliefs she created. She wrote about shaping these ideas over time based on notes kept at the end of the day for a few months and finding themes.  I really want to try this...

Then more work...matching beliefs and practices.  Really thinking about what your beliefs are and matching each and EVERYTHING you do to one of the beliefs.  And (here's the hard part) stopping the practice if it does not match your belief.  Sometimes letting go of something you LOVE to do can be hard, but hopefully I am up for the challenge!

Next week we will be talking about setting up your classroom - I will have already completed the set up, but maybe I will find out some changes will be needed ;)

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