Falling In Love with Close Reading - The FINAL chapter

Can you believe we are already talking about chapter 7??  It feels like we just starting reading and talking about close reading a dew days ago.  I know that some pieces took some getting used to, especially for the littlest readers, but I think I have a grasp at how I can add this in to my reading curriculum in a meaningful way this year!

So, I am actually going to follow the driving question format this week ;).  I found it hard before because this whole concept was new for me and hard to think about my babies doing this real work! However, now I have the BIG picture and can think about it in a more clear way.  

1.  I think the one thing I would recommend is to start small.  DO NOT try to run with this full force right away.  Take pieces of this work and weave it in small group or whole class.  This will get your little ones ready when they are expected to complete the work!  They have heard the language before!

2.  Since, for many of my kiddos reading is BRAND NEW, I am really hoping to try these ideas out on my tip-top readers.  I think once I see it through with them, I will have some more insight as to how I can adapt it for the whole class.  

3.  I plan to weave the language and the deeper thinking as think alouds into my classroom daily.  I also plan to work with my top readers who are more ready for this deeper thinking and reading and from that I hope to adapt it for all.  

Thanks for joining me on this journey.  As a special thanks to all of you, we are all offering a little present from our stores!!  


And of course, don't forget to read what everyone else has to say!!

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